Praise for The Price of Power

“This is the kind of merciless novel that makes you remember why you love fantasy in the first place. The ruined king, a boy of destiny, a daring princess, it’s a fresh take on some tried and true themes in a fascinating new world explored in biting language. Don’t miss this one.” — Jason Letts, CEO Booksends

“I would recommend this to anyone who loves character-focused fantasy, fans of Game of Thrones, and fans of Joe Abercrombie!” — Antonia

“I recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in a dark fantasy with plenty of death and destruction and the occasional one-liner. Bloody brilliant. A masterpiece, if you will.”  — Melissa


“The Price of Power is a pure weapon of a book…It will become an SFF drug of choice for any reader, I think and hope PoP is going to be an all-time great.”  — Chris


“If you’re looking for Game of Thrones without all the sex and incest, Lord of the Rings but with more digestible prose, all mixed together with the Witcher vibes? Look no further.” — Amanda